Martin McCorkle’s A Sick System now available at Amazon and

Released September 4, 2013 for Kindle, Martin McCorkle’s A Sick System: A Vision of Universal Health Care in America is now available through Barnes and Noble as well.

Description of the book:
A disturbingly realistic depiction of the events of a single day and how much havoc and evil the impending ACA may impart upon unwitting Americans. Set in a near-future emergency department, A Sick System opens with a mother waiting to see her sick eight-year-old son, his parents’ only focus being his recovery. Then comes Universal Health Care and treatment is forever changed—as are the lives of those under its thumb. This novella interacts with most of the ideas feeding the current debate: liberalism and conservatism; capitalism, socialism and communism; individual and collective identity; class envy; what it means to be human; justice and fairness; as well as security and freedom. Unlike a classroom, textbook, or political speech, A Sick System treats these issues in the real and emotional contexts of illness and death.

“Martin McCorkle’s novella ‘A Sick System’ is an eye opener to what awaits Americans as the government takes over health care. He effectively encapsulates the inexorable consequences both to those who provide and those on the receiving end of health care once all vestiges of capitalism are removed. One can only hope that this warning does not come too late, or fall on deaf ears.”—Kathleen Bogacz, MD

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