No back luck this Friday 13; Free Kindle download

Starting at midnight, The Chosen One will be free on Amazon through 11:59 p.m. on Sept. 15.

How awesome is that for some Friday the 13th news? So, go forth and grab your free copy tonight!

Book description:
Set in the South in the 1950s, a young boy, disabled at birth, relentlessly hopes that his birth mother will return for him one day. Taken in by an older black woman, the young boy relies on the woman for all his needs. When faced with her sudden death, the loss of the only person to truly care for him is not all the young boy faces. Ultimately he learns that family is more than blood and that love transcends death.

Just a few reader comments:

“…a touching short story.” –Danielle C., 5 stars
“I loved it from the start.”—Tina S., 5 stars
“From the opening line, I wanted to know what had happened. The story was artfully crafted and interesting… emotional without gimmicks. As a southerner, I thought the dialect was realistic and understandable. A very good piece of writing.”—Donny H, 5 stars
“What a great way to be introduced to the South. The dialogue was very interesting to a born Yankee. Tears at the end of a very well told story. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to all.” –Maggie L., 5 stars
“What an awesome story! Can’t wait for the writer to come out with more!”—Brandy C., 5 stars
“What a beautiful reminder of the power of love. Great story!”—Adam D., 5 stars

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