Holiday discounts and sneak peek at 2014

Give a lasting gift: TPP titles discounted in time for last minute shopping needs

Like many of us, you may be scrambling at the last minute trying to find that final gift. For those readers on your list, we’ve marked down select digital titles through Sunday, December 22.

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A History in Blood, praised as “an absolutely outstanding read” by InD’Tale magazine’s Natasza Waters, is sure to fulfill your craving for vampire literature (yes, we said “literature”) and will have you believing that vampires could really live and work among us. If that’s not enough, Chris DeFazio is a master at weaving the perfect blend of regional and historic back story into his character’s lives.

In dark fiction, Martin McCorkle’s A Sick System is a disturbingly realistic depiction of the events of a single day in a near-future ER and how much havoc and evil a nation under the full force of universal health care faces. Martin’s novella is “gripping, suspenseful and frightening”—Amazon review.

When it comes to something suspenseful, you may find your fulfillment spending a little time with J.B. Millhollin’s Brakus, a quirky and overly OCD thief. Brakus is fit, handsome, and capable of Zen-like bouts of concentration. He seemingly has it all. Everything, that is, except control. Millhollin’s novel has been called “a thrilling adventure” that is “completely unpredictable”.

For those who are ready to nestle on the sofa with a relaxing read, S.K. Derban’s For No Apparent Reason gives just the right measure of suspense when the story’s protagonist is lured away from the security of law school into a world where she learns about the destructive nature of greed. Madison is thrust in a maze of money laundering and murder, where she experiences the value of true friendship and witnesses the healing power of love. Readers find the blend of mystery and romance well-balanced, calling Derban’s novel “a good mystery that [doesn’t] get too dark…a story of an [adventurous] young woman looking for her first love”—Amazon review.

Think we’re done? Think again! For chick lit lovers, we’ve got Shyla Luken’s Just Paying the Rent, a quirky and humorous tale of a low-rent maintenance woman, Jessie Billows, who finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation and a love triangle while balancing life with her ever-present and somewhat potty-mouthed best friend Trish.

Is southern literature more to your liking? Yep, we love it, too! Kent Breazeale’s The Mind of Payne will have you laughing out loud one minute and crying the next. And when you’ve dried those tears, be sure to grab Kent’s short story, The Chosen One—and another box of tissues. As a bonus, The Chosen One includes a sneak peak at the first 15 chapters of Kent’s novel The Willmakers, coming in 2014.

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Whether you’re a boxing fan wanting to know more about the early years in the life of former heavyweight champ and Rocky V star Tommy Morrison or just enthralled with true stories, check out Charles H. Hood’s The Tommy “The Duke” Morrison Story, which Dog House Boxing describes as “not only for fight fans, but anyone interested in human nature and psychology” as it “begins as a romantic tale that becomes horrific and tragic”.

Martin McCorkle’s Walk With Me is an inspiring and often humorous recounting of his 1,700-mile walk across some of nature’s roughest terrain despite the progressive nature of muscular degeneration. One reviewer describes Martin’s story as “a beautiful book, more full of real life, personality, and the romance of the outdoors than many a best-seller about climbing Everest or leading famous voyages of exploration…this book captured my heart”—Rich Wilkinson.

New releases

In new releases, you can snuggle with Tim Best’s moving and often humorous debut novel Substitute Angel and recipient of Marcom’s platinum award for best e-book cover. Substitute Angel is “a funny, exciting, and romantic feel-good story you’ll want to curl up with” and, as one reader boasts, “without question, one of the best books I’ve read all year”—Amazon review.

K.J. Welborn made her debut with Christian Taylor’s Bloodline, the first in a series of Christian Taylor titles in which the seventeen-year-old finds out that he is a descendant of one of the most powerful lineages in history—a realization that includes unique powers, perilous risks, and the spark of a supernatural battle between good and evil. Lucky for Christian he has his love interest Mia by his side. Together they have taken on the responsibility of raising four-year-old Lucy. Now they must work harder than ever before to keep her safe. The only problem is Lucy has a few secrets of her own. One reader describes Bloodline as “a must read for fans of the YA genre” adding, “I had a feeling there was going to be a twists and turns along the way, but I never saw any of them coming!”—Amazon review

Gearing up for a rocking 2014

As we approach the New Year, TouchPoint Press has a list of new authors making their debuts and new titles by some of your favorite TP authors, including Charles H. Hood’s The Pastor’s Prey, based on a true story in which a young girl faces 20 years in captivity at the hands of a deranged man; Tyler Francke’s YA Reoriented in which a group of school friends face issues with faith, religion and sexual identity; Martin McCorkle’s  John’s Journey, a modern retelling of Bunyan’s  Pilgrim’s Progress; a new contemporary women’s mystery series (Piper Kingsley series) by K.J. Welborn; Just Plain Blood, the second book in Chris DeFazio’s Blood Trilogy;  J.B. Millhollin’s second title in the Brakus series; Kent Breazeale’s The Willmakers, set in the 1800’s, introduces missionary Ann Wallace as she sets out along the perilous Natchez Trace to fulfill what she believes is God’s will and where she meets a group of unique and caring people who encounter the dangers of murderous highwaymen and events that lead to heart-wrenching loss leading Ann to question God’s calling; and debut author, Krista Wagner’s NA thriller, Intent in which a young woman who has lost her parents to a fatal accident bumps into her former high school crush and feels she’s been given a renewed chance at life only to have it shattered again when her aunt is murdered, leading her to wonder who she can trust and to a truth that will forever change her.

Cindy Troy (aka C.C. Troy), author of Beulah the Bull (Astraea Press) joins TPP with her second novel Junie’s Red Carpet, a unconventionally hilarious story of a twenty-something pizza delivery girl who encounters the most unusual group of elderly, ex-military male customers whose even more unorthodox proposal changes her life –and theirs—forever; also releasing in 2014 is the first title in Cindy’s inspirational contemporary woman’s series, Uplifting Mil –a novel that introduces relatable characters, including one who will have readers searching for the nearest roll of duct tape or a club just to shut the bat up while feeling for Mil’s ability to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

This is only a sampling of what 2014 promises to bring. We’re excited and look forward to sharing new characters and life changes for familiar characters as well as a plethora of nonfiction titles that will appeal to a variety of reading enthusiasts.

TouchPoint Press wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

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