Kent Breazeale’s THE WILLMAKERS out 4.14.14

Form the author of The Chosen One and The Mind of Payne comes The Willmakers, where unbearable tragedy and loss leads a young missionary to question her faith as she grasps for strength to carry on.

The Willmakers_cover_front

In the spring of 1874 missionary Ann Wallace felt called by God to embark on a journey that would take her north along the Natchez Trace traveling among the highwaymen who wait to rob, rape and murder passing travelers. Along the way she becomes stranded in the small town of Trace, Mississippi where she meets the ones who are destined to travel with her. She meets Adam Tara and his two younger brothers and becomes confused about her calling when she falls in love with Adam. She questions her dedication and feels torn between her duty as a missionary and her emotions as a woman.

Formats: ebook and Trade Paper

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Will be available at Amazon,, and other retailers.

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Foreign rights: Michelle Johnson,

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