In case you missed ’em -TouchPoint Fun Facts

SK Derban’s inspirational romantic mystery For No Apparent Reason, now in paperback, has been called “captivating”.  An Amazon reader praised the content and quality as being proof that “adventure, romance, and mystery can captivate our attention without compromising a wholesome moral compass”.

For No Apparent Reason_Fun Fact

Tyler Francke’s Reoriented will be out May 26, 2014.

“The first novel of its kind, Reoriented is a welcome and long-overdue contribution that will entertain, enlighten, hearten, and challenge readers regardless of their vantage point and theological presuppositions.”
–Tom Krattenmaker, USA Today contributing columnist and author of The Evangelicals You Don’t Know and Onward Christian Athletes

Reoriented_Fun Fact

From the author of The Chosen One and The Mind of Payne comes The Willmakers. Southern author Kent Breazeale weaves the dark and dangerous history of traveling along the Natchez Trace in the late 1800s with something much bigger than a fear for safety—it weaves a tale of devotion mixed with doubt as a mile marker toward fulfilling a greater purpose in life.

Kent Breazeale_Fun Fact

Chris DeFazio’s A History in Blood is the first book in the Blood Trilogy.

“DeFazio has a real ear for the way people actually talk to each other, and a knack for making all of his characters, ‘good’ and ‘bad’, seem eerily familiar.”
—Scriv, Amazon review

A History in Blood_DeFazio_Fun Fact

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