C.C. Troy’s characters warm hearts, inspire readers

C.C. Troy warmed readers’ hearts with her debut Beulah the Bull (Astraea Press 2013). As an up-and-coming author, C.C.’s goal is to bring stories to her readers that not only entertain but inspire.

In her second novel, Junie’s Red Carpet, C.C. took the unorthodox and made it not only plausible—she made it work for her characters.

Junie's Red Carpet

In Junie’s Red Carpet, Junie Smith is a spunky young woman with two full time jobs and a clunker of a car. Though she has little time for anything but work, her cheerful spirit always prevails, and one night it leads her into a unique situation only she could turn into a heartwarming and amusing love story. Follow Junie as she creates an unconventional yet devoted extended family, and laugh at the bumps along the way to a happy ending for all.

Then there is Uplifting Mil, a novel that immediately thrust TouchPoint’s publisher into that same protective mentality where many readers find themselves—she wanted to go through the pages of the book and throttle anyone (and one character in particular) who was unkind to Mil.

Uplifting MilUplifting Mil is the first in a series of titles featuring Mildred Thelma Ebbert, a young woman of thirty-two, who looks and feels twice her age. She is painfully shy, undervalued, unadorned, and just the person bullies want in their lives. Sadly, her mother and her boss, the very people to admire and trust the most in life, are the worst people she could be in the company of. With their verbal abuse and ridicule being the norm, Mil believes their harshness until a particularly cruel comment from her mother brings her love of God to the forefront. When Mil turns to her faith instead of those harassing her, a transformation takes place that’s heartwarming, life affirming, and wonderfully joyful.

C.C.’s diversity and ability to seamlessly transition from character to character is impressive.

If you haven’t read a C.C. Troy title, now is the time. Be ready to laugh, to cry, and to turn the last page feeling inspired!

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