The Wings of Life by Sarah King

The wings of lifeIt can be incredibly easy to dwell on the negative aspects in life, especially now.  But what happens if you pause to find a light amidst that darkness?  That is what my new series, The Wings of Life, will focus on.

Mental health awareness is something I feel very passionate about.  When the ideas came to me for these books, I saw them as a way to bring these issues forward.  Each book will focus on a different aspect of mental illness.  From anxiety to PTSD, you’ll feel the emotions that each of these characters experience, both highs and lows. 

broken-wings-coverIn book one, Broken Wings, you’ll meet Tori.  She is a nineteen-year-old who is doing her very best to live each day in a “normal” way.  But Tori’s way of life is anything but.  Anxiety and depression threaten to consume her until she meets Danny.  Danny is unlike anyone she’s ever known and through him, she’ll discover what it means to find true inner strength.

Book two brings the focus to two secondary characters introduced in Broken Wings.  Though some of the storyline overlaps, in Clipped Wings, the story shifts to Kyle and Katie.  Kyle has always been the life of the party, but sometimes sadness lurks behind even the brightest smile.  When he’s dragged into Tori’s world, it brings up memories that he desperately wants to forget.  Katie hopes to be the girl to help him overcome his fears.

The series concludes with Spreading Your Wings.  Book three delves into the aftermath of a family being torn apart by PTSD.  Spencer has learned the hard way that it’s just better to keep his mouth shut.  He observes everything, but keeps a careful distance.  Along comes Lauren and she destroys all of his carefully erected walls.  With each of them hiding their own secrets, will they hold on once the truth is revealed or throw it all away?

Six friends will find their worlds intertwined in a story of fear, loss, love, and, finally, redemption.  Look for The Wings of Life series by TouchPoint Romance author Sarah King.  Broken Wings releases on February 21, 2017 with the other two following shortly after.

 Broken Wings 1

About Sarah King

Sarah King

Sarah is wife to her high-school sweetheart and currently a stay-at-home mom to two adorable minions, who may or may not be making her hair turn prematurely gray.  When not typing out another idea that has popped into her head, she can be found reading, knitting, or listening to her ever-expanding music collection.

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