The Monster Club by John A. Torres Available in Audiobook format!

Now available as an audiobook. Get your copy at Audible.

The Monster Club

Four friends live on the same street, go to the same middle school, and even spend time on the same ball fields. Their friendship comes with the normal expected trappings: small jealousies, crushes, rivalries and lots and lots of fun. But there is something else they soon discover. They share the same blessing, the same curse. They can recognize monsters hiding behind normal faces. As they learn that each possess a special gift (sight, smell, hearing, and the ability to go undetected), they realize a neighbor, a teacher at their school is actually a monster of unspeakable terror bent on creating an army of slaves to do his bidding. Worse, the group has little time to convince anyone of what they see. But who would ever believe them? The Monster Club works against the clock to save their sleepy, beach-side town and rid it of this monster once and for all. Someone might get hurt, but there is no time to be afraid.

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