What is This Feeling? by Melody Quinn

I need your help to name this feeling.

It’s the best feeling in the world for a book lover. It’s like…how I can describe it? It’s like when you feel such a connection to the character’s and their world that you feel a little out of place whenever you put the book down. When you are in such a rush to finish a book because you want to know more about the characters and how they’re going to solve their problems, and you know that you need to slow down because you are going to be upset when you get to the last page, but you just don’t care. In fact, you’re already looking forward to reading it again.

What is the name for this feeling? Someone is always putting together memes of foreign words and phrases that perfectly match what we Americans are always trying to describe: the smell of rain, the feeling of pulling yourself out of a comfy bed in the morning, the first jump of the heart when you develop a new crush. What’s the word for when you develope a crush on a new book?

It’s what keeps me going back to Goodreads and libraries trying to find my next favorite book. It’s why I keep re-reading the books in my personal library, again and again, every few years. It’s why I eagerly score our acquisitions email for a new manuscript every morning. Just one more reason I am thankful for getting to work alongside the authors at TouchPoint Press. Because when you find a book that gives you that feeling, you know that you’ve found something worth locking away in a treasure chest.

Who else understanding this feeling? How would you describe it?

What do you think?

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