Sharing a journey of Spiritual Awakening and Self Discovery by Freelance writer Cassandra Jonas


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Nurturing Your Spiritual Awakening

If you are like over ninety percent of the people in the world, then you believe in some kind of a higher power. Awakening to this belief at a later age can leave you wondering where to grow with your new beliefs. Reading literature by people who share your faith, who have discovered their own ways of embracing their spirituality, and remaining willing to embrace new ideas even after your awakening are important steps to take in nurturing your spiritual awakening.

Community Spirit

Discovering spirituality on your own is possible, but it is much more difficult to grow and expand your beliefs without the help of other people who share your ideas. Be confident enough to act on your beliefs in public; you may be surprised at the people you already know who share them and are just as excited as you are to talk about them with a friend of the same mind. The same goes when you are with people that you don’t know, but who are willing to listen and discuss.

Expanding Your Mind

When you begin to embrace your newfound spirituality, it is tempting to set down your beliefs in stone and refuse to budge when you come against someone with similar, but diverging beliefs. You could experience real benefits by opening up to the idea of the afterlife which provides comfort to many. Be willing to listen to others when they have a difference of opinion, and consider whether or not their beliefs are something that resonates with you. Spirituality is an ever evolving process and reading books about how God has helped the characters in their journeys is a huge part of growing as an individual.

Don’t Just Say It. Live it!

The easy part when you discover your spirituality is spreading the word. The hard part is living up to the beliefs that you’ve set for yourself. If your beliefs include charity, volunteer your time for the less fortunate. If your beliefs are more ‘naturalist’ in nature, spend time in the forest, meditating in the grass, and embracing the outdoors. You can only find new parts of yourself by seeing your new beliefs through.

The discovery of one’s spirituality can be a fantastic awakening to a whole new side of yourself, but simply saying the words aloud won’t make you the person that you want to be. You need to seek out others who share your beliefs, be willing to change and grow as you discover new facets of your spiritual awakening, and most importantly, you must be more than talk. Living the life, you believe in is the key to a happy, healthy spirit.

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