How to Keep Comfortable When You’re Writing All Day

Whether you’re a freelance writer or are working on a new book, you may spend most of your day writing. Although it may be fun to be creative and put your thoughts on paper, it can get uncomfortable after a few hour. Here are a few ways to keep yourself comfortable when writing all day to ensure that you avoid aches and pains.

Get the Right Amount of Light

Many people make the mistake of working in a space that has insufficient lighting. You’ll need to get plenty of light to maintain your vision and avoid suffering from headaches or migraines due to eye strain. Open up the blinds and allow more natural light in, which can boost your mood. You’ll also need to add a few lighting fixtures in the room to ensure that you don’t have difficulty seeing what you’re writing or typing. Use a higher quality of lighting with 2000 lux during the fall and winter months, which can alleviate stress and improve energy levels.

Take Care of Your Body

Your body can take a toll as you work each day if you have improper posture or fail to get enough circulation. Sitting for a long time increases your risk of early death. Take care of yourself by giving yourself a back massage every now and then. You’ll also need to walk around every hours to help blood circulate throughout your body. Spend your breaks walking briskly around the building or performing a few strength-training exercises to maintain your mobility and reduce the risk of weight gain.

Select the Right Equipment

There are a few tools and equipment that you’ll need to remain comfortable when sitting all day as you create new content for your employer or clients. Find a great chair that offers proper support and helps you to maintain your posture to protect your spine. Look for a product that has an adjustable height and allows your feet to rest on the floor. It should also include a solid cushion that is comfortable but supportive.

With the right tools and techniques used, you can create a comfortable setting and feel more at ease as you spend several days writing each day. Knowing how to sit correctly and making time for breaks will make it easier to maintain your energy levels and your mental clarity as you work.

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