You are not alone; how the Wings of Life series is bringing awareness to mental illness

Note from Publisher, Sheri Williams: We are proud to share a post from author Sarah King to our blog. She opens her heart to remind us that we are not alone.

Sharing books is part of what we do here at TouchPoint Press, but we also want what we share to impact lives. Sarah’s Wings of Life series has impacted my life and the lives of so many readers. It is my hope that you will find your voice and strength through her writings as well.

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing with us and for reminding us that we are more than our struggles. We are more than enough.

In an effort to bring awareness to the mental health and to encourage our readers to embrace the truth that they are NOT alone, Broken Wings will be 99 cents on Amazon from July 13 – 20.

Help share the word… you are more than enough. You ARE enough. Tag #mygoodmymore

You are not alone
(Guest post by Sarah King)

blur-1867402_1920_textChances are someone in your life is dealing with a mental health issue. But you may not know about it. Why? Because too many of us choose not to seek help. We’re too ashamed to admit it or think that it’ll get better on its own. There’s a stigma surrounding mental health that leave many trying to navigate their way through life on their own.

One of the best things you can tell someone who is suffering is that they are not alone. But this is also one of the hardest things for someone battling depression to believe. When you feel like no one understands, it’s hard to imagine that anyone can (or would want to) help. In my book, Broken Wings, the main character, Tori, finds out what happens when she lets people get close. It’s not an easy journey and something that doesn’t happen overnight. But to learn that you are not alone is a powerful message. One. Two. Three. Breathe…

Broken WingsThe feelings in this book really hit home with my readers and I hope they will for you too.


“What an emotional roller coaster this book took me on. As a person that suffers from depression and anxiety this book really hit home.. I related to Tori so much .. there where several times when I was like that’s me. She sounds just like me .. I understand exactly what she was feeling ..”

“Thank you, Sarah, for speaking out and reminding the world that depression and anxiety do not make one a freak. People do not need to hide in shame if they struggle with a mental illness. They are not alone and there is hope for a bright tomorrow!”


Wings of Life Series

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