Should You Sell Book-Themed Merch?

Having merchandise can attract people to your table or website after reading your book, which may help you to build your email list and earn more financial compensation. It also allows the fans of your books to support you and your work, as well as demonstrate their loyalty.

Do You Have the Audience for It?

You should look at what your peers are offering, find out if they’re having much success. Thanks to printing websites, you now have the opportunity to create book merchandise without having to invest in things like inventory or storage. This option takes little to no financial risk for when you are starting out. These companies only take a percentage of your earnings after the merchandise has been sold, thanks to print-on-demand technology. Using these resources on the internet can allow you to test the waters, so to speak, to see if the audience or demographic for your books would be willing to pay for the merchandise you would like to offer.

What Kind of Items to Offer

If you choose to use a printing website, you will have over 200 merchandising options to choose from. Some of these options include t-shirts, posters, leggings, and hoodies. It’s also a good idea to offer small things like stickers, patches, and buttons because they are easy to customize and can be cheaper than some other things to produce in bulk. You can use a mock-up generator to see how your designs for your merchandise will look on these items.

Create a Good Design

Sometimes the design that you choose may look good on your screen, however, when it’s actually printed on your products it may not show up as well. You can try to use GIMP, a free graphic design program, to create the lucky want for your merchandise, however, to achieve truly beautiful graphics, you may need to hire a professional. A good tip to follow would be to change up your displays on your website every so often to keep your customers interested in what you have to offer.

Depending on which direction you want to go in you’ll have to make different choices about your budget as well as the products you want to give to your fans. Creating designs that best fit your novel and audience demographics can be a fun challenge. Start playing around with the GIMP tool and see what designs you can come up with or consider hiring a professional!

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