How to Get Your Author Website to Reach More Readers

As every author knows, a good website is absolutely required in order to reach readers. However, getting your website in front of a reader’s eyes can be a huge challenge. It’s certainly not impossible, but there are some things every author must do in order to ensure that their website is visible. Here are three ways authors can get their website in front of more readers.

Use Social Media

According to Jane Friedman, every author needs a strong social media presence. However, good social media use isn’t just about self-promotion. Indeed, it should primarily be about exchanging information and having authentic conversations with others, including readers. That being said, when you use social media, you increase your own presence. People are more likely to click on your profile, and as long as you have a link to your website, they are more likely to visit it. Furthermore, there’s nothing wrong with periodically directing people there for more information about something that is relevant to the conversation you are currently having.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

According to Dotcom Design, a significant number of internet users exclusively use their smartphones to browse the web. This means that your website must be mobile-friendly if a user is going to be able to adequately read it. Remember, your goal here is to make your content as easy to consume as possible. Failure to do so means that someone will simply navigate away. Fortunately, most web designers now automatically make the websites mobile-friendly. However, this is always worth testing and checking. Make sure to give every page of your website a thorough review before publishing, and conduct this review on a smartphone. This will ensure that you can see just how mobile-friendly your website is.


Many successful authors have realized that they usually aren’t working against other authors but with them. To that end, an intelligent author should find other authors with whom they can work. There are many ways that this can be done, including sharing newsletter blasts and exchanging social media mentions.

Promoting an author’s website requires effort and creativity. Remember that readers want to be listened to at least as much as they’re talked to. They want content that will fit into their lives and enrich them in some way. Identify what your readers are looking for and give them information accordingly. This will make your readers happier and lead to more website hits for you.

If you’re an author who would like to submit a manuscript, you can find our submission guidelines here.

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