Jenn Haskin’s YA fantasy romance trilogy dubbed The Hunger Games meets A Wrinkle in Time

Check out Jennifer Haskin’s heart-stopping YA fantasy romance FREEDOM FIGHT Trilogy. The final book THE FINAL RESCUE was released on March 22, 2020!

Jennifer Haskin's Freedom Fight Trilogy

THE KEY OF F follows the story of Fale, an eighteen year old girl left with a mysterious key after her father’s death ten years ago. Now, she has visions that come true—she tells no one, but when she uses her visions to save the life of a boxer (and her crush), they find themselves being stalked by armed thugs.

They want the key. And they want Fale too, dead or alive.The Key of F

Fale’s guardian is kidnapped and she doesn’t know who to trust. Romance blooms between Fale and her crush as they go into hiding. They learn there is a war that has been brewing for generations, and she is at the center of it all. Fale is determined to find the truth about the key and what happened to her guardian, but when she discovers she isn’t who she thinks she is, will she give up or press on?

THE KEY OF F is a fast-paced, suspenseful adventure, with a strong female lead surviving her dystopian society and solving the mystery of a hidden war, with her tight-knit group of friends and hot crush.

Fale’s story doesn’t end there—her journey continues in THE QUEEN’S HEART. Fale is confident she can defeat her enemies, but what happens when the line between love and hate grows so thin that friends become enemies? Can she survive in the wild when her worst enemy has her back, but no reason to protect her anymore? The journey is hard enough, chock full of action-adventure and battles with the enemy, but the new experiences are dampened by adolescent angst as our brave reluctant hero now enters a love triangle of epic proportions, turning a tight-knit group of friends into a painful shadow of unity.

She’s determined to discover the machine they seek, finding the strength to fight for the freedom of the mages. But Fale couldn’t expect the tests they had prepared for her. Does she have what it takes to prove she’s the one for the job? Is she truly the chosen one? She’s willing to try, but even a warrior can lose her heart…and turn her back on everyone who needs her.

The Queen's Heart

THE QUEEN’S HEART is a complicated emotional must-read of emerging romance with flawed characters combined with a tenuous journey through the mystery of the machine they seek.

Then pick up the jaw-dropping finale of the trilogy THE FINAL RESCUE. Fale doesn’t know why she has visions of the queen’s past life. All she knows is that her magic becomes dangerously faulty every time she sees into the past. Through the visions, the mystery of Effailya’s banishment and life of slavery is solved; the reasons of her heated parting with Gryndoll are revealed, as well as who was the queen’s secret lover. And how that could possibly relate the Source Wizard to the Queen of Mages, herself.

The Source Wizard Gasten sends out his best efforts, but the new queen stays one step ahead of him. He may have found a way to send his spell to her. And if not, he’s found the old wizard’s journals, which are sure to give her weaknesses.

The Final RescueTHE FINAL RESCUE is a fast-paced adventure as the wizards and mages race toward their mutual destruction. A strong female lead not only survives her dystopian society… she solves the mystery of a hidden war, only to cause a new one, then battles both sides to rule it herself.

The FREEDOM FIGHT Trilogy is perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, Divergent and The Reader series. Recommended for ages 15+. The complete series can be found on Amazon!


“A fantasy dystopia with engaging characters in a dark and dangerous society. The Hunger Games meets A Wrinkle in Time.”  –  Goodreads



“A great storyline and strong characters who lead you through exciting adventures…” – Linda Wilson

“As the emotional tension slowly builds to boiling point within the small group the ending is explosive, unexpected (despite hints) and dramatic.” – Steph Warren


“It is so packed with action that there was no place where I could say, ‘Ok time for bed now. I’ll finish it tomorrow.’  A must read.”  – Amazon Reviewer


Jenn Haskin
Associate Editor

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