Author Carolyn C Barney on Writing The Trebors

I am so excited to share THE TREBORS (Trebor Tales, Book 1) with everyone! 

To think that children, and those who are young at heart, will be able to follow the adventures of the Trebors and the mysterious world they leave in, makes me feel overwhelmed with gratitude. My most sincere hope is that they leave their visits to the lands of Bori with their imaginations running wild, their thirst for reading ignited, and their hearts and minds stirred with new ideas and thoughts to explore. 

The Trebors

I wrote the first draft of this book four years ago and I am in awe by how timely its release is to help children frame what is happening around them during this unprecedented time. The characters in this story grapple with something larger than themselves, and ultimately come to understand what they have the power to fix and when they need to rely on something bigger.  Our culture tends to spend a lot of time talking about the “I” and I wanted to give children a different perspective, one that shows the power of coming together. 

If we are going to fight the devastating impact of Covid19 we have to do it TOGETHER. There is no other way. Helping our children understand why they are being asked to stay home and not take part in their regular lives is an important part of this process. Teaching them the strength that comes from being together gives them the security that we will come through this time. If we frame what is happening now properly for our children, we have an opportunity to raise the next generation to think of others, to care for the collective, and to lean into the power of being with each other, working for a better world. 

This is also why I am beyond thrilled to share that 50% of the proceeds from every book sold will go to Save the Children. 

This organization has been part of my life and close to my heart for as long as I can remember. My mother worked for Save the Children for more than 20 years, in college I interned for the organization and also visited a field office in Cameroon while studying abroad, and most recently I worked with the nonprofit as a freelance writer. I have always been impressed and moved by all that they do!

To be able to give back to Save the Children, an organization that has been a part of my life for so many years, is an absolute privilege!

As is the privilege of sharing this work, and part of my heart, with you all.  I hope that you enjoy the first book of the Trebor Tales Series and look forward to sharing all of the adventures to come with you!

Caroline has done freelance writing for different organizations, including Save the Children, a non-profit that is very close to her heart. All along she has been sneaking in hours whenever she could to create exciting new worlds and epic adventures. Caroline is now thrilled to debut her first novel The Trebors and looks forward to the future tales ahead!

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