3 More Methods That Help with Writer’s Block

Whether you’re writing a poem, an essay, an article, a blog, a novel, a short story, or something else, it’s likely you’ve suffered from writer’s block at least once. But don’t throw in the towel just yet! While there is no silver bullet that can cure writer’s block completely, there are several tactics you can use that can help you revitalize your writing. Here are three.

Writing Prompts

Successful writers often find that using a prompt helps them to overcome the obstacles that block their writing progress. Writing prompts are often helpful because they relieve you of the responsibility required to come up with the initial idea for a project. There are many lists of writing prompts available in bookstores as well as online. If none of these call to you, you might try creating your own prompts. You could write a few prompts now and then save them for future writer’s block moments.

Source: https://thewritepractice.com/five-writing-prompts-to-improve-your-book/


For many writers, perfectionism causes writer’s block. They try to make everything just right before they put it down on the page. In cases such as these, freewriting exercises can be immensely helpful.

Freewriting is an exercise that focuses on writing literally whatever comes to mind, without concern for formatting, editing, or grammar. This exercise can help you train your brain to tap into the unadulterated ideas already inside your head.

Allow yourself to change subjects and genres. You can write your personal thoughts interspersed with a short story, poem, or other project. Try freewriting for 15 minutes every day for a few days, and then come back to your original writing project. You might be surprised with how well this exercise can work.

Source: https://www.podium.com/article/marketing-skills/

Change Perspective

If you’re writing fiction, a change of narrative perspective can help alleviate writer’s block. Try writing from a different character’s perspective, or switching from first person to third person. This type of shift in focus can make you more aware of significant details, themes, and characters in your story.

If you’re writing a different genre, a new perspective can be helpful in other ways. Take a step back and focus on one of the smaller details of your project that seems more significant. A new focus can be immensely helpful in jumpstarting your creativity.

Source: https://writingcooperative.com/how-to-smash-writers-block-change-your-perspective-on-writing-4689d062b4f4

 If you’ve been experiencing writer’s block, don’t give up. Keep writing! Try writing prompts, freewriting, and a change of perspective. If these ideas don’t work for you, shake up your old writing routine in other ways. With time and patience, you’ll find the success you’re looking for.

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