Major Factors That Impact the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Writing

Businesses rely heavily on marketing to grow and attract customers. Marketing doesn’t do much good if it isn’t effective though. While there are many things that impact how effective a marketing campaign is, one of the most important ones is the writing. Writing quality marketing material requires that factors that have a direct impact on how effective it can be be properly leveraged.


Instant gratification is a huge motivator for consumers. Combine that with a busy target audience, and you have consumers who aren’t willing to give time to reading in-depth marketing material. Keep your writing concise and to the point. According to BlueLeadz, you should avoid fluff in your writing, since it detracts from your message. Use simple formats that are easy to skim for information. Bullet points and infographics are popular ways to communicate important information quickly. If you have highlights you want people to notice, consider bolding them so they stand out from the rest of the content.


SEO plays a huge role in getting your content noticed. The content of your headlines and the keywords found in your posts will impact how visible you are to consumers. According to Podium, Buzzfeed writers come up with 20 ideas for a headline before settling on one that will drive the most traffic. Think about what search queries consumers might enter that would lead them to find your content. Base your headlines around those queries. Find ways to naturally include relevant keywords into your content. Don’t stuff keywords into your content though. Search engines may penalize you for doing so.

Word Choice

Choose your words carefully when writing marketing content. It affects how consumers react to your content. Keep it simple, using short, powerful words. Long, flowery words may turn consumers away from your content. Instead of making you look smart, they hide the points you’re trying to make. Make your words count. Encourage consumers to follow through on any calls to action you write by using actionable words and sentences. According to Writer’s Digest, you should follow rules that make your sentences powerful to craft more effective content. Above all else, edit and revise.

Effective marketing writing is dependent on the level of concision, how SEO is leveraged, and careful word choice. By understanding how these factors influence how effective marketing writing can be, you can greatly improve the chances of your marketing efforts performing as desired. It will take work, but time and effort will make their application come more naturally.

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