How Technology Can Boost Business for Bookstores

Much of America has rediscovered the joy of reading during the pandemic. But, going into a brick and mortar bookstore, while wonderful to do, has become complex during Covid restrictions. Technology is changing the world, and the way all businesses do their work, even ones as tried and true as selling books. How can these new technology options make it possible for your business to flourish, even during a pandemic? And how can you get those books directly into the hands of your customers, most quickly and efficiently than ever?

Opening Up a Worldwide Market

The time is long past in which your only reading options available were those within your community. Having your books offered to a worldwide market is critical in modern publishing practices. With the encroaching sales of megaliths like Amazon, small bookstores have been banding together to increase sales opportunities and contact national and international readers. This is an excellent opportunity to maximize sales.

Improving the In-Store Experience

The best options for installing in your store to improve your in-store experiences are ones that will work now and in the future, after the pandemic. One of your best options is to install a Point of Service (POS) system which has mobile capability. Using a mobile POS system allows you to offer a variety of services to your customers wherever they are in your store instead of them having to come up to your counter. Those who have immunity issues or who have not yet been immunized can order online to pick up in the store or with curbside service.

Use Your Tech in New Ways

Authors close to town and distant can do virtual book launches. Prior, they can sign and send stickers to your store, instead of a book signing. Using the POS service you’ve already installed, individuals who participate can purchase a book at your store, and gain both the label with a signature in the book and access to the signing/reading itself. A little creative thinking can help both your store and exclusive signing events can still safely become available once again.

Your bookstore is important in your community. By offering your inventory worldwide, giving your patrons POS service to facilitate safe purchases, and thinking creatively, you can ride this frustrating pandemic wave easily.

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