A.L. Smith Content to be Excited About

A.L. Smith is expected to release Malicious Intent in the Fall of 2022.

A Glimpse into Malicious Intent

An experimentally manipulated strain of HIV escapes the protected confines of the CDC and an adulterous Dallas house wife becomes the prime suspect in a high profile murder case. Motive? As it turns out, her slain lover was HIV positive and the primary purpose of his seduction was to maliciously expose her to the disease. World-renowned crime of passion defense attorney, Alexandra Phillips, is called upon to handle the case. Through HIV fingerprinting, she uncovers a key piece of evidence that could exonerate her client and she’s convinced that no jury in America would be able to hand down a conviction. But there’s one problem . . . her client didn’t commit the murder and confessing to a crime that she didn’t commit was out of the question—even for the sake of her freedom. Without a confession, the crime of passion defense is no longer a viable option. But if Angel didn’t
commit the murder, then who did? And why?

When the web of deception begins to unravel, Alex comes face to face with the true
meaning of an old cliche, “never judge a book by its cover” . . .

With her client’s freedom hanging in the balance, Alex concedes to the fact that the only viable defense is to find the killer. . . .

A look into He Never Came Home: A Documentary Film

A.L. Smith is a social activist and author who focuses on real-life issues and stories of injustice in our society. She not only writes about social justice issues that we face today, but she is also an independent filmmaker. Her most recent project “He Never Came Home” is a social justice documentary film about the life of a man who spent 42 years in the custody of the state of Louisiana for a crime of which he was never convicted.

A mentally disabled African American youth is accused of murder in rural 1960s Louisiana. He confesses to a crime that he was incapable of committing. The charges were eventually dropped, “nolle prosequi,” but for some unimaginable reason, the family was never informed. Lemon Howard spent 42 years in a mental institution for convicted felons . . . a ward of the state of Louisiana for the balance of his days.

All About A.L. Smith

Dr. Smith is an author, content creator and independent filmmaker who is devoted to the discussion of current events and the preservation of history as it relates to social injustice and other perils of urban living. As the founder of the non-profit organization, POWER, Inc., her vision is to reduce juvenile delinquency in at-risk communities through the arts and to spread awareness of the stories of real people with real problems.

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