How to Make Your Office Waiting Area More Comfortable

For some, showing up for an appointment is the most dreaded part of any day. An office waiting area can feel like a waste of time when you think of everything else you need to get done that day. Even if there isn’t anything on the to-do list, leisurely time is precious. When you create a comfortable office waiting area for clients, you show respect and appreciation for their time. This article will discuss a few unique ways you can enhance the comfort of your guests. 

Offer Free Snacks 

When guests are waiting, it is often the case that they just came running from something else. You never know the last time your guests had something to eat or drink. Consider offering coffee, water, and small snacks for your guests’ convenience. A quick and healthy snack is a generous offer that makes the waiting time go by much faster. Even if your guest is not interested in free snacks, they will appreciate the gesture and take it as a sign that you care about their comfort and personal needs. 

Include Reading Material 

Not every client shows up with something to occupy their attention while they wait. Most individuals often want it to be a time where they can relax and unplug from the rest of their day. Providing a variety of reading materials for your guests is a great way to distract and entertain them. Reading material should be brief so the client can finish during the time they are there. Material topics should cater to every interest, something educational, something about your industry, something related to fashion, and something related to sports. Current magazines are a great asset for your office to satisfy everyone. You can also provide a photo book for clients to meet your team and get to know your business better, without having to focus on minute details. 

Add Phone Charging Stations 

Waiting for an appointment often feels like time wasted. Clients have a busy schedule and waiting for you can be a major inconvenience. Help ease your client’s agitation by finding ways to compensate for their time. With today’s constant use of technology for business, personal, and entertainment purposes, you add a personal touch when you provide phone charging stations. Providing popular cords for Apple, Samsung, and Android devices adds a personal touch and allows your clients to recharge and get ready for the rest of their day. 

Maintain a Comfortable Temperature 

Your office’s temperature can make or break an individual’s comfort levels. It is imperative you neither keep your office too hot, or too cold. During the summer air conditioning is appreciated, but sometimes is too aggressive and makes an individual wearing lighter clothing freeze. Winter months should call for warmer offices, that are not too hot. A fireplace is a beautiful feature that can also offer warmth to the waiting area. Fireplaces require a lot of maintenance to keep clean and efficient. However, they are a more eco-friendly alternative to heating an area. 

Invest in Comfortable Furniture 

The furniture you have located in your waiting areas is the first impression your guests have. How clean and comfortable your guests are will greatly be impacted by the furniture selection. The comfort of your guests should be your number one priority. Invest in quality furniture that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wait in. Uncomfortable seating can actually make their wait seem longer, leaving an unpleasant impression. Be sure to consider walkways and movement patterns when placing the furniture. Some guests will also prefer a quiet area or bigger personal bubble. Providing comfortable furniture shows your level of professionalism and consideration when interacting with clients. 

Select Music Carefully 

If you choose to play background music in the waiting room, make your music selection carefully. The right kind of music can calm people down and make them more comfortable. The wrong kind of music can do exactly the opposite. Because it is difficult to cater to everyone’s musical tastes, consider selecting music that does not require too much attention. Think about your target customer and what types of music they might enjoy, then select soundtracks accordingly. As a rule, it is typically better to choose instrumental soundtracks for background music, so they don’t overpower the rest of the noise in the room. 

Add Décor 

Visitors create their impressions of your office mostly based on what they see. Sight directs the initial idea of the look and feel of your waiting room. To create a strong first impression, it is to your advantage to add décor to your space. The décor you choose should match the identity of your industry and the feeling you want your patients to have. For example, bright colors communicate high energy, earthy tones are more calming and cozier, pastels indicate simplicity and cleanliness. The artwork you display should be tastefully chosen to capture your client’s attention, without overwhelming their senses. 

Keep a Clean Environment 

When a client is waiting for you, the last thing you want to do is make them feel stressed. Stressors come from a variety of places; it is your responsibility to create as few as possible. In your waiting room, it is important to keep a clean environment. Your chairs should be clean, free from crumbs and sticky surfaces. Trash should be emptied regularly to prevent unwanted smells. Unfortunately, when your office and waiting room is not organized or clean, your client will naturally associate negative feelings towards you. A tidy waiting room will help your client feel more at ease and trusting of your services. 

Ultimately, it is the small gestures that make the biggest impact for your clients. Finding ways to make them feel more comfortable indicates respect for their time and a desire to meet their needs. As you show hospitality you demonstrate professionalism and your degree of seriousness. If you are looking for ways to entertain, impress, or better host your clients, examine how you can make the waiting area more comfortable.

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