TouchPoint Press publishes titles across multiple genres and sub-genres. Our focus is not so much on a specific genre or sub-genre but on acquiring manuscripts that are exceptionally well-written, fast-paced, and engaging.

Please note: At this time, TouchPoint Press is only accepting manuscripts from the U.S., with the exception of manuscripts for a Love Abroad romance series.

TouchPoint Press is putting out an open call for book submissions from authors whose voices have historically been underrepresented in publishing. Authors will NOT be required to disclose anything they are uncomfortable with. #OwnVoices projects are not required, though they are certainly welcome!

TouchPoint Press welcomes and encourages manuscripts from marginalized creators at all times. 

General Guidelines

Do not send full manuscripts unless requested.

Do not send unsolicited attachments, they will not be opened or acknowledged.

Do not call to inquire about your submission.

We reply to all submissions, but please understand we receive hundreds of submissions. You are welcome to follow up after 6 weeks. If you receive/accept another offer, please extend the courtesy of letting us know. 

If we request your full manuscript, please take the time to be certain the version you submit is the final draft. We will not review an updated version unless specifically requested.



For stand-alone projects of any genre, submit a brief query and one-page synopsis that includes the ending in the body of an email to with “Query: Your Book Title” in the subject line.

For series, submit a fiction proposal including a chapter outline, synopsis that includes the ending, the first three consecutive chapters of Book 1, and a strong synopsis of Book 2 with summaries of subsequent titles, if applicable, to Send your fiction proposal in the form of a Word document with “Fiction Proposal: Your Book/Series Title” in the subject line.



Submit a proposal with CV, chapter outline, and first three consecutive chapters. If your manuscript is not complete, include estimated completion date and length. Submit your proposal as a Word document to with “Nonfiction Proposal: Your Book Title” in the subject line.

Horror Anthology

For this horror anthology, we’re looking for stories that send a chill down your spine and send your imagination into overdrive, that keep you up at night and leave you shaking — because there’s something terribly wonderful about a good scary story.


Between 3,000-7,000 words

Pays $100 on publication

Deadline: July 15, 2021

Chosen authors will have a short bio included and will receive a complimentary paperback copy of the book.

Submit a short pitch (50-100 words) and full manuscript to with “Horror Anthology Submission” in the subject line.

Romance Series’

TouchPoint Romance is excited to launch multiple new clean series’ for all types of romance readers, from coast to coast and abroad.


Heat must be tasteful and relevant to the story

Manuscripts under 40,000 words are digital only

Ideal submission length is 70,000 words

Love on the West Coast

Sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets are the backdrop for romance in the Love on the West Coast series.

Love on the East Coast

Escape to the mountains and forests of the East Coast where the rugged landscape is not unlike the heroes in the Love on the East Coast series.

Southern Love

The Southern Love series brings us back to a simpler life where the people rise early, work hard, and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty; where hospitality and a small town atmosphere foster love in unexpected places.

Love Abroad

Satisfy your wanderlust with the Love Abroad series and experience romance in exotic locations across the globe.