Alan Gauthreaux

Alan G. Gauthreaux is an historian, educator and author who holds bachelor’s and master’s
degrees (with honors) in History from the University of New Orleans. Mr. Gauthreaux is much sought after to make historical presentations on a variety of topics in Louisiana and surrounding areas and has written many historical articles on military history that may be found in some of the top historical magazines throughout the world. Mr. Gauthreaux is the author of Italian Louisiana: History, Heritage, and Tradition, co-author of Dark Bayou: Infamous Louisiana Homicides, and his most recent work published in November of 2017, Bloodstained Louisiana: Twelve Murder Cases, 1896-1934. Gauthreaux also hosts a YouTube Channel where he writes, edits, narrates, and produces documentaries on true crime throughout history. Mr. Gauthreaux works as an adjunct instructor of History at two local colleges where he teaches American and World History. He lives in southern Louisiana, with his wife of 29 years, Lisa, and daughter Mia.