Alexander Blevens

Alexander Blevens hails from the coastal mountains of Northern California, his boyhood home. He studied biochemistry at the University of California, and medicine at Northwestern University, before launching his career as an orthopedic surgeon, specializing in hand surgery.

The Air Force brought him to the South, but it was a “belle from New Orleans” who made him a Southerner. He and his wife raised four successful children on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and now enjoy the company of a half-dozen grandchildren. After a satisfying surgical career, Alexander retired from medicine to pursue a wide range of other interests, including travel, fishing, woodworking, long walks on the beach, and driving a hand-me-down BMW 328i.

Though most of his publications have been in technical journals, he has always owned a talent of stitching words together into tall tales and other narratives of pure fiction. He maintains a blog called Seymour American, where he posts many of his short stories.

In his debut novel, BYCATCH, Alexander draws on his keen observations of local Biloxi characters and customs, interest in the Vietnam War, and experiences as a father, to create, from a landscape of greed and hate, a heartfelt story of love and forgiveness.

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