Amanda Umfress

For as long as she can remember, Amanda Umfress has loved to write. She cherishes the lure of the written word—the power to create new worlds, cultivate actuality in realms of possibility. A southerner through and through, Amanda’s writing often embraces the hospitality of the South. She was born in Mississippi and currently resides in Tennessee.
Amanda has an MBA and has worked in pharmaceutical/medical sales industry for over 15 years. When she’s not writing, Amanda spends time with her family: her husband, Jeff, their twins Allie and Harper, and their son, Logan. As a voracious reader, Amanda has fostered a love of reading in her children, and her family members are her biggest fans, providing priceless support.
Amanda relishes the human experience, and as such, she knows that life is difficult. A passionate Christian, she hopes that her writing affords her readers a channel of repose and a cognizance that enduring faith never disappoints. Amanda relies on a pervading theme in her daily life and in her writing: “For I know the Plans I have for you” (Jeremiah 29:11). Although Family Circle is Amanda’s first novel, she has already started working on her next novel.