Stan Escott

Stan Escott is a retired university professor with a PhD in developmental psychology.
He has been a lay pastor with responsibility for Christian education for 30 years. While
this is his debut novel, he has been a writer much of his professional life, as a reporter
with major newspapers, a contributor to juried academic journals, and as an essayist on
such themes as faith, grief and humor. Nearly a hundred of his essays can be found on
his blog at | thots big and small. Stan is an above par golfer, an avid
reader, and has traveled extensively in Great Britain and Italy, as well as in California,
Wisconsin and Colorado. He is a life-long resident of the Midwest.

His upcoming novel, A Life for Barabbas, is set during the 40 years between
the crucifixion of Jesus and the siege of Jerusalem. While the work is fictional, as are
some of the characters and their activities, it is vividly drawn with well-researched
details of daily life in first century Palestine. The storyline closely follows Biblical events
and influences on the evolution of Christianity in the First Century, and, in the process,
seeks to clarify some of Jesus’ core teachings.

Out Now!

A Life for Barabbas was released October 30th!