Becky Marietta

Becky Marietta grew up in Kenya, East Africa, a child of missionaries in a time free from the internet. Before being sent off to boarding school six hours away from her home, she spent most of her days perched in the top of a loquat tree, voraciously reading The Chronicles of Narnia and dreaming up her own stories. Her first published work, a personal essay about running in Kenya, appeared in The Christian Science Monitor. After that, her essays, short stories, and poems found homes in several publications, including Bosque, the 3288 Review, Dual Coast Magazine, and Weber: The Contemporary West. This is her first novel.

Becky has an MA in English from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, where her degree focus was creative writing. She’s been a college adjunct instructor of English for more than a decade. While she loves teaching students to write academically, she admits that she writes fiction to escape the sometimes-grim reality of grading composition papers. Prior to teaching, she had a joyful career as a stay-at-home mom until her “clients” grew up.

Becky lives in Northeast Oklahoma. Her immediate family includes her husband of thirty years, Casey, their children, Colin and Molly, their son-in-law, Nick, and three country dogs. When she’s not reading, writing, teaching, or grading, Becky enjoys spending days on the lake, walking all over God’s green earth while listening to audiobooks, and watching British television. Becky tries to get back home to Kenya as much as she can, often volunteering as an adjunct instructor at a Christian college in the town where she grew up. She is an avid traveler and is always excited to visit a new country and experience a new culture. Most of all, she loves and follows Christ and considers it a privilege and a responsibility to use whatever gifts God has given her to serve others; she believes sharing her stories is one of those privileges. 

Out Now

White River Red: A Novel

Released April 5, 2021