Bret Wonnacott

Bret grew up in northern Utah with the tradition of hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors. His father was a breeder of German Shorthair Pointers. The first time his childhood eyes saw a bird dog on point, he was hooked. Imagine, a dog froze in time, nostrils flaring, mouth tasting the scent of the bird that he lives for, and yet resisting by instinct, the urge to pounce and flush the bird. It was the most fascinating and beautiful thing he had ever seen. The second he was in a situation where he could have a dog of his own, he started a pup. He has lived a lifestyle that is all about bird dogs, bird hunting, dog trialing, and waterfowling ever since. He enjoys competing in NSTRA trials and has a deep respect for all the trial games and the people that play them. He enjoys helping people, especially first-timers, train their dogs. He believes it’s fun helping someone get more out of their dog than they ever thought possible, and teaching them so that they can do more training themselves.

Bret loves competing. He played soccer and other sports for most of his life. He also coached youth soccer for nearly 20 years. Working with young people to teach the value of teamwork and sportsmanship was the most rewarding thing he has done. Bret is a champion duck caller, has won multiple state championships, and competed at the World Duck Calling Championship in Stuttgart Arkansas 8 times. The sport has taken him from coast to coast and border to border but the real blessing is the relationships he has built along the way. Later in life, Bret discovered a passion for writing. It started with short stories shared on early forms of social media. Later, he started a blog and wrote a few magazine articles, but it wasn’t enough for him. One day while walking behind one of his dogs in rural Idaho, inspiration hit. He started doing research the next day and, in six months, wrote the first page of a full-length fiction novel, A Millionaire’s Dream. Bret is now elbows deep in his second novel and has plans for a third story – he’s having a blast.

Bret now lives in Northern Utah with his wife Angie, and their three English setters, and help as a prostaff member for several companies, including Sportdog and Mossy Oak. He is a regular contributor to a local outdoor television show and teaches seminars on bird hunting, bird dogs, and Duck calling. Life continues to bring him joy and blessings beyond words.

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