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Cathy L. Patrenos grew up in Phoenix, Arizona where she pursued a career in critical care
nursing. Desiring a change after years of nursing, Cathy completed law school and became
a medical malpractice defense attorney in Los Angeles, specializing in the representation of
physicians and other health care providers. Although she changed her profession from
nursing, Cathy remained a captain in the Air Force Reserve Nurse Corps. She is a war
veteran having served as a tactical flight nurse in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert
Storm. Upon returning to Los Angeles after the war, she continued her work as a lawyer
and over the years discovered a passion for writing, other than legal briefs, that is. She
retired from the practice of law and relocated with her husband to Sutter Creek, a
California Gold Rush town in the foothills of the beautiful Sierra Mountains where she
writes full time.

Cathy’s previously released award-winning novel, The Comfort Bearer, follows Soon Ja, a
Korean teenager who on the brink of WWII is ensnared into the largest human trafficking
scheme of the 20 th Century. She is taken to Manchuria by trickery from her home in
occupied Korea and forced to become a comfort woman, a sex slave for the Imperial
Japanese Army.

As inspiration for her new adventure/crime novel, The Silk Road Score, Cathy based the
story on her own journey through a portion of the Middle East during the ‘70s, minus the
criminal elements, of course. The story follows American, Grace Donovan and her British
boyfriend Simon Harrison as they embark on an adventure to conquer a segment of the old
Silk Road from the Marco Polo days, affectionately known as the hippie trail, an overland
route from Istanbul to Kathmandu, popular with overlanders, trekkers, and hippies from
around the world.

Currently Cathy is working on a story detailing nearly a year in which she traveled
overland through the African continent, also during the ‘70s.

You can find Cathy online at:
Instagram- cathypatrenos
Facebook- @CathyLPatrenosAuthor
Twitter- @CPatrenos

Out Now

The Comfort Bearer

Releasing May 24, 2021

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