Chris DeFazio


Along with being a writer, Chris DeFazio is a practicing ER doctor and physician assistant educator who lives in the Boston area with his family. He is a graduate of Boston University’s School of Medicine, on staff at Northeastern University, and is a credited editor of the Manual of Emergency Medicine.

His paranormal Blood Trilogy has received excellent reviews. The first book in the series, A History in Blood, was a finalist for the RONE Award in 2013 and is now out as an audio book narrated by the author. Just Plain Blood and Blood Future will also soon be available on audio. And Chris has three short stories published from his “Blood” universe as well.

Chris has recently completed a noir novel, entitled Last Chance, which chronicles a small time crime gone wrong in his old hometown of Quincy, MA. His soon to be published latest novel, Into the Light, follows the adventures of down-on-his-luck PI, Dave “Richie” Richards as he tries to navigate the colorful surroundings and characters of New Orleans.

Books by Chris DeFazio

Into the Light_6x9_full cover_FRONT

Into the Light is out now! Order your copy here!

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