David Fuller Cook

David Fuller Cook moved to Piedmont as a child in 1953 and has been a student of its ways ever since. He now lives near the Eno River and his love for the river has led him to preserve the Oral History of the Eno River in stories and songs.

In 2001, David self-published the regionally successful Piedmont Almanac: A Guide to the
Natural World. As a naturalist and educator he co-founded, in 1989, the bio-regionally based
Schoolhouse of Wonder, an environmental education organization with programs for children. He taught for several years in the field of gifted education, returning to the Schoolhouse of Wonder as its program director in 2006.

In 2007 his manuscript Reservation Nation won the Fabri Literary Prize, published by
Boaz Publishing of California.

He continues to write religiously.