Dawn Rasmussen

Dawn Rasmussen’s personal slogan is “Always be on the lookout for a spot of magic.“ This is how she lives her life. She finds magic in nature, spontaneous adventures, amazing books, friends and family, and great swimming holes.

Her life includes careers as a CPA, Fraud Examiner, adjunct faculty, favorite aunt, world traveler, connoisseur of not-so-fine dining, and debut author.

A quick trivia of Dawn’s favorites includes some of the following: Heaven on earth = Lake Powell; the greatest character ever written = Edmond Dantes; Sexiest movie character = Captain Von Trapp…or Thor; the answer to all of life’s questions = Math and most importantly, favorite clever line from a book = “I’m paving Hell with energy. I am laying down good intentions, which I believe durable as flint.” – Charlotte Bronte’s ever-conflicted Mr. Rochester; or how about some Oscar Wilde, “But my own sweet Cecily, I have never written you any letters.” “You need hardly remind me of that, Ernest. I remember it only too well. So I wrote your letters for you.”

Perhaps some of the letters written in this book were just for you. Dawn’s measure of wild success is helping even one person feel less alone by what she has written.

TWELVE FOR TWELVE began as a self-imposed therapy assignment, one that recommended recording some unresolved feelings and burning them afterward. Rather than engaging in bonfire triumph, Dawn continued to write until one day it became a novel.

Her website is https://raslandmedia.com.

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“I highly recommend this novel for its edgy anticipation, compelling characters, and a winding path of justice. Woven within this excellently written book are humor and intense love. The mysterious stages play out in fascinating and unpredictable ways. The plot unfolds while characters come to live in your heart as deeper meanings to life develop.”

—Readers’ Favorite