Dean Patterson

Dean Patterson is a freelance writer and outdoor enthusiast. He was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

A graduate of San Diego State University, he travels extensively throughout the United States capturing the American Spirit in words. He has published as a journalist as well as with Amazon eBooks.

His hobbies include reading, running, hiking, fishing, camping, music, watching movies, comfort food, and gourmet cooking.

He can be found running along the California coast or in the wilds of the great Rock Mountains.

His upcoming novel Building Towards Something takes place in the slightly altered landscape of the near future. Life soon sees desperate people demanding help and the basic necessities as birth rights is becoming the manifest destiny of American reality. Written in a comedic adventurous style, speaking to the power of compassion, Building Towards Something is the story of the founder of a wondrous nonprofit, the birth of the Public Village, and the people that are impacted by this incredible dream made real.

Building Towards Something will be released this July!