Erin Elliott

Erin Elliot

Erin is a preschool teacher who lives in a small town in Ohio. She has three wonderful children. Together, they love movie night, playing board games, and the occasional game of hide-and-go-seek. Erin also loves watching football games in the fall, especially when her kids are playing in the marching band. She loves Christmas because she cannot get enough of the lights, decorations, music, and anything else that has to do with the wonderful holiday. She also love flowers, the outdoors, and flip-flops are an absolute must. She eventually wants to live near the beach.

In early elementary, she hated reading. Then in fourth grade, Erin found a series that she loved and a whole new world opened up. Since then, she hasn’t stopped. Like the genre that she writes, she prefers young adult. The world of fantasy has always intrigued her. The magical aspect of it provides the perfect escape from a life that is less than a stroll through the park.

She started dabbling in the art of writing books in high school. Since then, her brain has come alive with stories waiting to be told and she has loved every moment of it.

Book’s by Erin Elliott: