Greg Van Arsdale


Greg Van Arsdale


Greg Van Arsdale attended Samford University on a Physics Scholarship and graduated high honors. He then taught Nuclear Physics related courses at the Naval Nuclear Power School for a number of years. He has studied the Bible for fifty years and been a minister for thirty—preaching, teaching, and singing concerts throughout the Southeast. Previous works include the Christian fiction books Shadows of Creation and The Sacrifice and the non-fiction books Dark Energy: Answers to Physics and Spiritual Questions and Complex Christianity. Mr. Van Arsdale currently resides in Davenport, Florida, a few miles south of Orlando.

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Titles in progress!

Beware the Antichrist, Christian thriller
Jack Logan has made a pact with Satan. In exchange for his soul, he could become the Antichrist, the most powerful man on Earth, able to conquer the world. John Malachi has been ordained to stop him lest he initiate the Tribulation—that time is still to come. Though Logan tries to kill him and enact his plan, John manages to preach the true Messiah and warn people of the danger behind Logan’s lies. As mysterious dark forces rage across the planet, the two battle for the fate of humankind!



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