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GUSTAF BERGER  was born during WWII on the day the Japanese launched the first of their Kamikaze attacks on American warships. By the time he was 44, he’d had two failed marriages, two distressed children, numerous affairs, failed business relationships, and virtually no friends. He’d been kicked out of graduate school, fired from nine jobs, had gone through an addictive gambling phase, smoked marijuana all day, paid off buyers, policemen and insurance companies, never declared cash income on his taxes, and was heading toward his first bankruptcy. It got worse. While he eventually grew beyond those youthful experiences, Berger has always lived life on his own terms. He ran his own mail order business for many years. Moved from New York City to Boston 20 years ago. There he met the love of his life, his sweetheart and muse (as well as his first reader), Amika. Both retired, they read, write, and travel the world extensively. He began writing full time seven years ago after his business went south with the recession. He’s never been happier. Five of his short stories have been published by literary journals. Death Postponed, which he worked on for five years (taking breaks to write three other novels), is his first published novel. He looks forward to writing until he becomes physically unable to tap those keys.

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Praise for Death Postponed 

In Berger’s debut novel, a human-interest journalist for a small New York City weekly finds herself unexpectedly investigating a 14-year-old insurance scam related to the World Trade Center attacks… It’s a personal and emotional journey for Jordan, whose father was one of the 343 firefighters who died that day…

Berger has some tricks up his sleeve for his protagonist and, as the plot twists and turns, Jordan’s relentless pursuit places her and her young daughter, Kristen, in danger. The novel is written in two voices… It’s a device that effectively sprinkles crumbs of disinformation throughout the story and lulls readers into believing they know more than they do. The most sympathetic character is Jordan, but the most interesting one is Leonard—a quirky gentleman who stages beetle fights; he’s also quite a storyteller who’s always shading the truth.

An often entertaining mystery with a satisfying ending.

-Kirkus Reviews

In this post 9/11 tale of scammers and survivors, the author’s deep affection for his flawed characters draws us in and holds us there, wondering: How will this all turn out?
-Kate Flora, award winning author of the Joe Burgess series

In Death Postponed, Gustaf Berger weaves a tangled web that ensnares unwary readers and holds them until the very last page.
-Barbara Ross, author of the Maine Clambake Mysteries

Delivering twists within twists, this time-hopping caper kept me guessing.
-Ray Daniel, Derringer winner and author of Child Not Found

A taut, fast-paced ride through the seamy side of life. Berger’s unforgettable cast of characters teem with grit and guile. A compulsively readable tale.
-Arlene Kay, author of Swan Songs

Death Postponed stars almost likeable con men, a sweet but dangerous villain, and a passionate crusader for justice in an intriguing tale of greed, betrayal, and love.
-Kevin Symmons, author of Chrysalis

In this riveting thriller, Mr. Berger spins an engaging and twisty tale of a 9/11 scam with characters I won’t soon forget. It had me spinning until the surprising end.
-Ray Anderson, author of the Karl “Awol” Bergman hiking-thriller series