Ihenyen Ejodame

Ihenyen Ejodame was born April 9, 1984, in Suleja, Niger State, Nigeria to Dele and Claire Ejodame. He is best known for his Nalina book as well as his Bintah children’s book series which has now been adapted into the educational system of Jamaica.

The early years of his life were spent in Nigeria where he matriculated through the educational system and at the tertiary level he received his BSc in Business Administration. On completion of his BSc he migrated to Jamaica where he was able to discover his Jamaican ancestry via his mother’s lineage. Jamaica soon became the place where he was able to rediscover his passion for literature, and this gave life to the Bintah series.

In 2015 the first book of the series, Meet Bintah was released and the next two installments came in 2016. By 2017 he released the animated Bintah series which aired on National Television in Jamaica and it was well received by young fans. In 2018 he released the forth book of the series, Bintah and the Hungry Giants. He is also currently working on new ideas for more children’s series. The Nalina and the Statue Prince book was published in 2018 and it is his hope to turn it to an animation movie.

He soon relocated to the United States of America, in 2020 he was able to sign and publish the Boring Tom series with Touch Point Press. It is his hope that Boring Tom becomes a popular name worldwide.