Jack Martin

Jack Martin is a native Californian, who graduated UCLA School of Law back when God was young and dirt was new (1976, if you must know).  He spent 35 years in the aerospace industry, before recently retiring.  Jack had a wonderful marriage of 27 years to his wife, Sonia, who passed away from ovarian cancer on Christmas Eve, 2009.  She always urged him to write; so write he does.

Jack has written seven historical mysteries with whiffs of the paranormal, five set during the Civil War, one during the Great Depression, and one during World War II.  They all relate to what he calls “the secret history of the United States;”  imagined incidents involving famed American figures which were suppressed because of the potentially irreparable damage their widespread knowledge would cause the country.  The overarching themes of all his novels are love, death, and redemption.  His late, beloved wife Sonia encouraged hi to write on these themes, having long endured with saintly patience his obsession on American history, and interest in (although not blind belief in) various “conspiracy theories.”

For pleasure, Jack reads books on history, astronomy, horror, and science fiction.  At any given time, he is alternately reading a novel and a factual book. Murder by Plague is the fourth of his five Alphonso Clay Civil War mysteries.

His website: www.jacksmartin.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jack.martin.1044

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