John B. Cameron

John Cameron grew up in the Sand Hills of North Carolina where many generations of his
Scottish-American ancestors lived. Until he went away to college he spent every summer
working in tobacco fields.

At Davidson College he studied history, but also learned to play bridge which nearly
wrecked his college career. He then attended graduate school at UNC Chapel Hill specializing in 18th century France and the Revolution. His research was centered on Marseilles and Provence which is why he now writes novels often set in that part of the world. Much of life has been spent at universities in several states. However, from time to time he departed academe spending time in the US Army and running a business which produced handmade tchotchkes.

He has lived in many states as well as France, visited the Gobi desert, and
circumnavigated the globe. He is now settled more or less permanently in Norfolk, Virginia
where he can look out on the Lafayette River as he writes.
He is married and has several children and grandchildren who are appropriately scattered
about the globe living in several countries and many different states.
When not writing he gathers with friends, watches herons on the river, drinks single malt
whiskey and plays music on various four stringed instruments. He considers himself to be a
child of the Enlightenment which despite contradictions and failings among its adherents remains a statement of the finest hopes and goals for humanity.

His website is: