Judith B. Pinkard


Judith Pinkard has always loved a good story. As a child, Judith loved that books provided an escape to travel to distant and mysterious lands. Over the years, her love of reading transformed to writing, and Judith knew she had a story to tell. Broken Pieces is her first novel.

Judith still loves to read, and she garners inspiration from the miraculous beauties of life: people, nature, animals. She is passionate about helping others, and she hopes that her stories will provide inspiration.

Judith is a true southerner who loves to cook and spend time with her family. With 2 children, 2 stepchildren, 9 grandchildren, and a great grandchild, Judith considers herself immensely blessed. She lives in Mississippi with her husband Bobby.

People that know Judith would say that she has an unwavering passion for her Creator, her family and her friends. When asked about the creative process of writing, Judith says that it is thrilling to have her thoughts come to life on an empty page.

Books by Judith B Pinkard

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