Judy Abelove Shemtob

Judy Abelove Shemtob studies writing at the Scarsdale Writers Center and Sarah Lawrence College’s Writing Institute. A retired Scarsdale teacher with an M.Ed in Reading and Language, she writes across genres from adult historical novels, memoire, essays, to picture books. She enjoys falling down rabbit holes while researching topics that surprise her. A lifelong learner, she listens to seniors share their immigration stories, swims, bakes, and gardens. Fascinated with chicken and duck hatchings, Judy photographs birds with their broods in their habitat. She lives in Westchester, NY with her family. Her pieces have appeared in Writing the Everyday Now: A Collection, Writes & Bites, MediumArthritis Today, BoomerCafe.com, Scarsdale10583.com, Raise Your Words, Writing Right Now, Pause and Reflect Again, SCBWI Metro/Westchester NY blogs, TheGoodBookCorner.com, and the Jacob Burns Film Center Breaking Bread Project.

Judy’s website is judyshemtobauthor.com. Follow her on Facebook @JudyAbeloveShemtob, Twitter @JudyShemtob, or Instagram @judyshemtob