Kathleen Parrish

KATHLEEN R. PARRISH is a wife, the mother of two grown sons, a gleefully retired nuclear engineer, and a full-time writer. Like her uncle, she was born in Mississippi and grew up with a determination to succeed, a love of reading, and a compulsion to write about the grand scheme of things. She decided on a career in nuclear engineering at the venerable age of eleven, when the last of the Mercury missions were going up, and the Apollo missions were looming on the horizon. She attended Kansas State University and earned a degree in nuclear engineering, married her high school sweetheart, and charged ahead. After moving to Phoenix, Arizona to work on the Palo Verde Generating Station, Parrish retired in 2018 to write full time. Find her online at http://www.kathleen-parrish.com.

Herman Willis Logan

HERMAN WILLIS LOGAN was a sharecropper’s son, a WWII veteran, a father, a husband, and Kathleen’s uncle. Towanna Whitaker’s story is a work of fiction, but like Towanna, Logan had to drop out of school to help raise his two tiny sisters while his father and brother worked the cotton fields. Logan finished the original manuscript in 1963 but did not get it published. In 1989, Logan packed up the manuscript and the publisher’s notes and shipped everything to Kathleen’s mother with a request that she revise the story and try to get it published someday, which was then passed on to Kathleen. Herman Willis Logan passed away in 1994.

Out Now

Second Son: A Novel of the Deep South

Herman Willis Logan continued by Kathleen Parrish

Releasing July 20, 2021