Kirsten Levy

Kirsten Levy uses the gift of time to write about family and life experience – what better person than the daughter? She enjoyed a long career in research and administration at Boston University where she managed research, brought funds to the university, published several academic publications and wrote grants, reports, newsletters and presented findings. She has an MBA in health care management. These twin pillars of her career, set in the medical environment in which she has worked, have stood her in good stead for the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease within the family circle and propelled her involvement in volunteer activities and charity events: BAA Boston Marathon, Susan G. Komen and Alzheimer’s fundraisers, creation of a graduate-level public health preparedness course, deployment with the American Red Cross in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and her current work as a volunteer mentor in an author fellowship program. Kirsten enjoys the outdoors and dances latin and ballroom standard for fun.

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