Kris Rimmer


As an educator, Kris Rimmer loves books. Kris started writing as a child, and as a teenager, his hobby turned into a passion that has yet to be quelled. Inspired by his favorite author, Stephen King, Kris writes horror, thriller, and fantasy. Writing gives him the freedom to create his own world, and as he tells his students, words bridge imagination and reality, which allows us to take impossible adventures.

Kris lives in Mississippi with his wife Marsha and their two sons, Brandon and Christian. When he’s not writing, Kris can be found spending time with his family, hunting, fishing, and gaming. Although his family serves as his greatest critics, they fuel his creativity, and they give him confidence to keep writing.

As a writer, Kris hopes to inspire others to have confidence in themselves and to follow their dreams. When writing, his greatest desire is to give his readers a story that entertains and captivates them from beginning to end. To Kris, a successful story leaves the reader wanting more.

Dark Path

Rabid by Kris Rimmer is coming October 18, 2019. Preorder on Amazon!