Laurel Kile

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Laurel was born and raised in rural Pendleton County, West Virginia. The youngest of
five children, she grew up on a farm that had been in the Kile family since before the USA was the USA.

Though there were many benefits of being raised in a small town, Laurel did not see them when she was younger. She grew up wanting one thing, out. Before her eighteenth birthday, she left the small farming village for West Virginia University. Going from a graduating class of sixty-two to lecture halls of more than three hundred was a bit intimidating, but she loved it.

Unfortunately, WVU had just switched its education program to a five-year degree, and
Laurel didn’t apply to the program until the beginning of her sophomore year. This meant that it would take her six years to graduate. Because she was young and impetuous this did not fit into her plan. So, she transferred to Fairmont State University where she graduated with a BS in Mathematics and a BA in Education in just four years.

At twenty-one, Laurel began teaching math in Winchester Virginia. During the second year of her career, she met and fell in love with the man who is now her husband. Five years later, they welcomed their first daughter. Three years after that they brought home daughter number two.

Now Laurel lives in Martinsburg, WV with her husband, two spunky daughters, two
pound kitties, and a rescue mutt. She teaches math in Loudoun County, Virginia and writes in her spare time.