Marlon Bogart

Marlon Bogart is a writer from New Jersey. Born in New York City in 2000, he has settled in
central New Jersey after a brief stint on Long Island. He has always had a passion for reading and writing, and has been jotting down whatever stories come to mind since pre-school.

Bogart is interested in the media, having studied in college, which prompted him to write a story revolving around the radio. He worked at his college paper and has contributed to other news publications, such as the Star Ledger. In an age where more attention is fixated on the national media than ever before, Bogart finds the study of the field incredibly interesting and important. Atomizing a broad industry that is the news media was his main goal when writing The Scarlet Night. Bogart also hoped to teach people about the inner workings of the newsroom, using a simple tale with relatable characters to do
so. One day he hopes to work as a news writer.

Another interest of his includes history, hence the setting of his novel in 1948. Since grade
school, history was Bogart’s favorite subject and (unfortunately) the only one he could reliably get an A in. When not working on his studies or throwing around the football, you can find him watching a documentary about World War I or the Wars of the Roses.
He won’t admit it, but Bogart watches far more movies than he reads books (though he is
working on this). Not married to a singular genre, some of his favorites include Casablanca, Inglourious Basterds, Pulp Fiction, and The Terminator. His real passions are football and basketball, and he enjoys playing both (to varying degrees of success). He’s regrettably been a fan of the New York Jets for several years.

More than anything he always enjoys telling and hearing great stories and hopes to continue writing fiction for a long time.