Martin McCorkle

Martin and Bandit“I was born a poor black child.” Well, not really. Even though Steve Martin’s movie The Jerk is funnier than my bio, I guess I have to stick to my own story…

Born in Marysville, CA, Martin McCorkle was your typical happy child despite a sizable setback along the way. In early grammar school, Martin was diagnosed with a nerve disorder which numbed and weakened his extremities. Due to the severity of this condition Martin underwent three childhood surgeries.
At age 20, skinny legs and all, Martin moved to Yosemite National Park where he worked as a gardener to support his real passion; exploring the High Sierra. Shortly after his longest hike, Martin became a Christian and pursued a pastor’s life. Martin earned a Master of Divinity degree at Trinity International University and over the course of 18 years started two churches, one in Evanston, IL and the other in Dixon, CA.

During those years of exploration, education and edification, Martin wasn’t alone. He married the love of his life, Rebecca, and they adopted their three sons: Max, Andrew, and Grant. Always open to challenges, Martin and Rebecca then bought the Great Harvest Bread Company in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. After 5 years of small business ownership, they sold the bakery to pursue new dreams.

Martin and Rebecca currently reside in Durham, NC. When not working on his next book, he relaxes with a classic on his Kindle or listens to his extensive collection of Gustav Mahler compositions. Although his condition has slowed him down, he still walks a bit. But he mostly watches birds from his porch and smiles at the romping of his two dogs, Swiffer and Bandit.

Books by Martin McCorkle


walk with me


A sick system


civil war

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