Paul E. Vaughn


Paul Vaughn was born and raised in Mississippi. He still lives in Mississippi, now with his wife, Sayra, and his stepdaughter, Nessa.

In 2012, a storyline pervaded Paul’s mind, and when he started writing it, he discovered a passion for writing.  When he started writing, he was probably more surprised with his newfound talent than his friends and family were!  Dragon Ascendants started out as a simple idea, and as he wrote, the story turned into something his friends described as ‘astonishing.’

When he’s not writing, Paul can be seen playing golf and watching movies.  Dragon Ascendants is Paul’s first published book, but he hopes to continue Tallian’s saga in a continuing series.

Above all, Paul has a strong desire to be meaningful.  He has always believed in the power of a good story, and he is confident that writing has the power to change the world for the better.

Books by Paul E. Vaughn

Knight's Seal

2018 OZMA Book Awards for Fantasy Fiction Semi-Finalist

Literary Titan Silver Award