Ray Roske

Ray Roske is an Industry Consultant to those in Construction Management. Long before SaaS, the cloud, mobile apps and the deep and dark web, before the browser accessible internet in fact, there was a mainframe in a dark room accessed through small, phosphorus green terminals. Before that, the circuitry that flew airplanes was connected on a light table, with tape and razor blades. Before that, schematics drawn on a drafting board, using graphite, ink and vellum. Ray began his technical journey just around then, sometime after charcoal and shovel in those halcyon years of aerospace, traveling swiftly through time powered by a red mechanical pencil. Exactly like the one that put a man in the moon.

He’s happy to assist by recommending good document and process practices. But if you’re in a tight spot, he can also recommend a good wine or vintage guitar, juggle, lay tile, rebuild an engine, fly a small airplane, pick a banjo, make a peanut butter sandwich while changing a diaper, grow a garden, raise a chicken, deliver a baby, make killer salsa and pierogi's, shift through the gears on a wheelie, drive a Peterbuilt, speak Pig Latin, remove a fishing fly from chin with needle nose pliars, sink the eight-ball on the break, identify a cancerous mole, use hand gestures when public speaking, weld with torch, stick or MIG, jump off a ladder with a running chainsaw, pick locks, hot wire a car, doodle, outrun a police officer, whistle three different ways, whittle, gut a deer, pull teeth (kids or pets) and teach anyone to ride a bike. He is married with three above-average children and living happily ever after in Denver Colorado.

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A Life in Motorcycles by Ray Roske is coming September 30, 2019. Preorder on Amazon!