Bonus Free Download of “Daring to Dream” by 1TK as featured in Dani’s Inferno

Caught between a dead end street and a burning bridge…
Dani’s Inferno
Out 9.25.2020

One True King is a Christian rock band, reminiscent of yesteryear with a solid classic rock sound. “Our music looks life square in the eye and doesn’t blink. It admits that we’re real people with real problems, but it affirms that we have a real God with real solutions. Our music blurs genre lines and delivers an authentic message of the forgiveness, restoration and relationship that is available to everyone through Jesus Christ”.

You rock for supporting our author, Scott M. Rutherford through your purchase of his debut novel, Dani’s Inferno.

As a thank you, author Scott M. Rutherford and the Christian Rock Band 1TK (One True King, River Music) are offering a free download of “Daring to Dream,” featured in Dani’s Inferno.

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